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Coconut tree an image which is very familiar to the people of Vietnam and many countries around the world, especially countries in the tropical belt. Coconut mention people often think of a cool drinks and pastries are often used for refreshments. Besides other products from coconut is also used extensively in the manufacturing industry, such as coconut fiber, coir mats, coconut, coconut milk, ...

Trung Hai Co.,Ltd has gradually asserted its pioneering position in the coconut processing industry of Ben Tre province. We are specialized in manufacturing units and sales, export products - food from coconut.
Currently the company has introduced a variety of products from coconut create diversity for consumers to choose.

Activities with the motto "Safety, quality, responsibility for sustainable development", the company has continuously developed products and production technology innovations to enhance product branding.

Human resources professional qualifications along with a team of high skilled workers are trained, trained according to the requirements of the system to produce high quality products, stable and meet the needs of the day the higher the customer.

The products of the Trung Hai Co.,Ltd has been sold domestically and exported to many markets around the world. We not only affirming the producers of coconut products that leading our goal is soaring, flying away from the international market.

We are still constantly developing and improving existing products to bring to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Trung Hai Co.,Ltd

Address: 234/12c Nguyen Hue-Ward 1-Ben Tre City-Ben Tre Province

Phone: (0084)+978 555 866

Tax code: 1300434909

Email: trunghaico89@gmail.com



website: duaxiemtrunghai.com

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