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Heat, relatives of Ben Tre coconut selling never-ending

TT - On 30-4, Tran Anh Tuan, Chairman of Ben Tre Coconut Association, said the price of coconut water are the volatility increased sharply over the previous period. Cause coconut price increase is due to the hot sun, drink coconut water demand increases.

Specifically, drinking coconut water on the basis of types of valuable purchasing 60,000-70,000 VND / dozen (12 left), an increase of VND 20,000-30,000 / dozen, green coconut prices 90,000-100,000 VND / dozen, coconut pineapple 12,000 -15 000 VND / left.

Although coconut prices rose sharply but not enough resources to supply coconut. Guests from the north and central provinces mail order catalog of Ben Tre Coconut Association increase.

However, the delivery agent only for the old contract and getting some new customers in small quantities. Due to inadequate supply, some traders bought where young coconut (coconut oil) to sell coconut water.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, live Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province, said the price of coconut is rarely as high as today, every time a coconut has sold nearly 10,000.

Because once sold coconuts per month, many farmers sold coconut young coconut always the lofty prices. Coconut growers said that in the current period, the sale of newly appreciated coconut helps power plants to withstand drought, salinity, so everyone rushed to sell.

Mau Truong

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