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Increasing the value of Ben Tre coconut

(Saigon Times) - Contrary Ben Tre coconut in the rainy season, the price slipped to below 50% as compared to the dry season. Yet a "new youth Dong Khoi" was "enchanted" in the word "fortune" on coconuts and coconut ordinary gourd. Coconut after Coats' new shirt "forward.Why rose, from 300,000 to 500,000 VND / left.

Farmers created the eye-catching coconuts are blessed Huynh Thanh Tam, a 30-year-old boy, born and raised in southern Ben Tre. Tam's parents are foreign to land two coconut (with a drink). Has little arable land, on the season, coconut fruit prices dropped, the center of family life even more difficult. I thought something must be done to add value coconut.

From sitting in a chair at the school, was very interested in the mind of Japanese melon create a rounded square melon; and planting the garden in Can Tho pomelos gourd shaped pomelo in the New Year blessing word, hit the market sell for cash Tet million. "Contrary melon, grapefruit shaping is, coconut can also create image, print it," Tam cherished ideas.

At first, the center experimented with cow milk cans, copper wire cage down in the text using young coconut, a month after, coconut big swell, the skin on the left with the letter, but the letter did not float, curved strokes. To repeatedly adjust the center of printed forms, but failed. The coconut-form print fails, beautiful skin is not smooth like a normal coconut traders should be criticized, not sold. His grandfather scolded frustrating: "I damaged the coconut breaking out!" And he did not consent to test him again.

Mind prohibited but still secretly printed using plastic molds put up some coconuts. But failed. Many times because of discouragement, he intended to give up the idea, but the thought had lost a lot of time, effort and money can not quit it! Tam believes it shaped melon, grapefruit is, he can also be shaped coconut. The success could not because he did not understand the development process of a coconut. So he continued to experiment, and persistence helped him succeed. Tet Lunar Hare 2015, he had printed the word "Fortune Ankang" on coconut and coconut bring them up in his letters Tet fruit tray.

Print text on coconuts, Tam increasingly enamored with the idea of ​​enhancing the value for coconuts. No capital, you go work for a screen-printing establishments, advertising in the City seal for capital trials coconut shaping. New Year 2016 to calm the mind was able to "launch" the beautiful coconut print and market acceptance of purchase for VND300,000 / left while he continues to research coconut shaped gourd. Print on coconut was hard, coconut gourd shape even harder. Compared with melon, grapefruit, shaping, print much harder for coconut fiber and coconut because of the hard skin, to capture new growth time imaging, printing text.

After more than a few dozen times and also failed to take them when he created lots of print. However, the success rate was only 40%. For coconut gourd shape, he left with patent leather nice pick, no scars, and should accurately calculate that from young fruit to coconut coconut gourd shape only about half left before being signed each market acceptance . Besides cleaning up the garden of coconut is coconut his house and only organic fertilizers compensation mud, water the plants; kill insects by fungal biology. Palm print products, coconut gourd in his letters Department of Science Center has been registered proprietary technology.

A company that exports to Europe have ordered 4,000 coconut gourd Center in the "Fortune". He said so glad this order but in severe heart worries where to find capital to coconut plantations and creating raw materials production mold. Was in a stalemate, the news center Ben Tre Province launched the program "Dong Khoi entrepreneur", he flashed in big production plans by project "Ben Tre Coconut wealth". With this project, he will produce 4,000 coconut gourd export to Europe, 2,000 left the country during Tet sale in 2017 and continued production for the next year.

To implement the project, the center said raw coconuts but he should not lack capital lease coconut plantations. There he was 5-6 with a co-production of coconut garden gourd print, while 2 left 10,000 hectares / year. Besides, he also needs the cooperation contract technical guidance work for rural youth to meet labor project.

Project "Ben Tre Coconut wealth" His mind is Ben Tre Province to support union 50 million loan, interest rate of 0% from startups Fund - established youth now. This is the first project of the youth is Ben Tre Province to support groups. Tam confided: "Increase the value coconut is my great success. Print coconut, coconut gourd print will create jobs and good incomes for rural youth coconut ".

Lu The Nha

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